A Message to Buyers

Choosing a Local Real Estate Representative

Local Realtors Know:
– Neighbourhood amenities and distances to schools, hospitals, and shopping;
– Each lake – their size, depth, health, location of boat launches, accessibility and the type of shoreline;
– What a shoreline road allowance is, and it’s impact on your potential purchase;
– Types of septic systems and what to watch;
– Types of water sources and what water is potentially potable;
– What types of properties may be more difficult to finance (and how they may affect your pre-approvals, down payment requirements, and interest rate);
– What affects the insurability of different types of properties;
– Different heating sources and their impact on financing and insurance;
– Private roads, right-of-ways and easements;
– Local by-laws and rules surrounding bunkies, boathouses, setbacks and more;
These are just a few items that make it important to use an agent that knows the area well, knows what to look for, and what questions to ask.
Rural/cottage country real estate requires a different knowledge-base than is required in urban real estate – get the best representation possible.

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